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Welcome to B2bijoux

fashion jewelry and trendy accessories wholesaler

B2Bijoux is a wholesaler of fashion jewelry and trendy accessories designed to meet all tastes and boost every woman’s wardrobe. We import our products from China, where our main production facility and design centre are located. With a strong belief that style is what matters, we provide our clients with a wide range of scarves, purses, rings, hats, phone covers, bracelets, caps, hair ornaments, earrings, and necklaces to add to each woman’s personality. We also carry a very impressive collection of jewelry designed especially for children. Your customers will have a choice between high quality kids’ earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. We invest in the best materials and focus on producing versatile accessories and bijoux to meet the demands of all consumers.


What We Offer

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How It Works

Our designers play with colors and patterns and mix and match new with traditional styles to satisfy women of all ages and personal tastes. That's why we can serve the needs of all businesses - big or small. We have a professional team on board which can help you pick among our product lines to suit the needs of your company. B2Bijoux delivers your orders as soon as possible all over the world and is always here to support and assist you. So let's focus together on your market needs and let us find the best lines of accessories and fashion jewelry to dress up your clients. In our business, we follow the constant changes in the fashion industry and walk hand in hand with any trendy development to always keep you updated and satisfied. Contact us any time for any further information and browse our website to take a look of our products!

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